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2011 : Red vinification
The Village and 1er Cru wines are made from hand picked berries. They are then directed towards the winery where they are partially destemmed (to eliminate the stems). We also use an harvesting machine for the wines of lower appellation.

Once the alcoholic fermentation begins (we use only yeasts contained in the berries of the grapes), the grape skins are pushed to the surface by carbon dioxide gases released in the fermentation process. This layer of skins and other solids is known as the cap. As the skins are also source of the tannins, the cap needs to be plunged. We use the "plunged cap" technique as a permanent system and we don't do any punch-down. Of course we pump the juice through the cap (pumping over).

This primary fermentation lasts between 10-13 days depending on the desired degree of extraction.

For the wine of regional appellation we use "Vinimatic" tanks, creating conditions for carbonic maceration and allowing the production of fruity and colorful wines.

Then we process to the devatting . This is done by gravity from the tank to the press . We use either a pneumatic press or a mechanical press. The wine goes to barrels by gravity and will be aged from 15 to 16 months for the 1er Cru.

After the malolactic fermentation (which converts malic acids into lactic acids and reduces excessive sharpness) the wine is racked and we refill the same barrels after they are emptied of their lees.


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